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Ordered a new computer recently, it will have a GeForce GTX 690 4GB, which I am super excited about.

However, I must admit after reading tons of forums, I an not sure where to go with a new monitor. I realize it caps me a little bit but I have about $300 or so left in my budget, and I would ideally like something in the 23-27inch range.

These subjects I was hoping to get some clarification on?
60 vs 120 refreshrate, and why there are some that are weird like 75 or 80?
2ms or below response time? Do I want lower?
Some say Full HD, some don't.

Any recommendations on what to look for or specific monitors to buy? Heck even someone just letting me know if any of that stuff above doesnt matter would be helpful, thank you so much!
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    LED is LCD, it refers to the backlight, there are no LED monitors. Monitors described as LED just use LED's instead of CCFL, usually they are better.

    IPS provides much better colours and contrast, and doesn't suffer issues where the colours warp as you move your head out of the viewing angle. Downsides is that unless you import a monitor there are no IPS 120Hz displays.

    Monitors with weird refresh rates like 75Hz are usually just 60Hz panels that can do 75Hz or higher at a lower than native resolution. 120Hz results in much smoother motion on screen, but, you are stuck with TN and if you want full 120FPS you need alot of GPU power. That said, the responsiveness and lack of vertical tearing are there even at 60FPS.

    2ms is fine, generally anything under 8ms is 'game-able'. On 120Hz displays you'll want to make sure its 2ms or less because any higher and the motion will just be blurry.

    'Full HD' is native 1080p, most 120Hz and TN displays will be this. IPS displays can be had in 1440p or 1600p for a much crisper image.
  2. Thank you for the information that helps clear a few things up.

    So if I take out IPS, which I wasn't that set on.

    Ideally I am looking for an LED Monitor, 2ms or below, that can do 120HZ given my Video card with be a 690.

    Any recommendations?

    After looking around I think an LED, 2ms or below monitor at 120hz, may not be realistic on a 300 budget. Most are about 4-600 it seems.
  3. Any of the Asus on Benq 120Hz ones, depends what size you are after really, and if or not you want 3D support.
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