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Already have an i5-4670K and an Asus Z87-A Mobo in an old generic case using 80mm fans that I'm looking to replace. Currently using stock Intel heatsink/fan, and an Antec 850w PSU, and plan on getting 1 (maybe 2 in the future) GTX 760 cards.

What I'm looking for is 1. a new case that provides good airflow and also stays very silent and 2. a (water) cooling solution for the CPU and possibly the GPU(s).

I'm thinking of starting to get my feet wet with water cooling, and not the closed loop stuff, so I would like a case that has space for the radiator and pump.

For case, I don't really want something that looks like a server tower (plain), but I also don't want to spend over around $150 (that's my case budget). I want this case to last, as I've had the last one since 2006, and has had 3 builds in it. Only reason I wanna change cases is so I have room for a radiator/pump and to get rid of those noisy 80mm fans.

For cooling, I've done some research and it seems like water cooling will be quieter than air if I OC to 4.5 GHz on my 4670k. If this is not true, let me know. I would like to start with a basic water cooling solution with a budget around $150, and possibly expand in the future. Since this will be my first water cooling project, I don't want anything really difficult that I can mess up and destroy my computer with.

1. Case that can support water cooling and is QUIET, but does not look like a server tower ($150 max)
2. Water cooling to CPU and maybe GPU that is QUIET, yet user friendly ($150 max)

Overall, $300 max for case and water cooling.

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  1. I fell in love with Corsair Carbide Series Air 540, might not look as much but you really need to check a video out, that's what made it for me and it's $149.99 :P

    Video -

    A place to buy -
  2. After doing more research, it seems like there is plenty I can look at to decide what cooling solution to use... so I guess I would like more options for case. I like the Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 that Steven recommended. Maybe some more options to compare it against that people really recommend? I saw an "under $100" case review on tomshardware, but was looking for other options as well to make a good decision.
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