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Can someone please narrow down the possible issues when a new card and only that card produce no output, no bios screen, no nothing? I'm just so confused by all the info online I would like some direction.

New (used) card 9600GT 512MB = black screen, no bios screen no nothing. computer beeps once like regular boot. fan on card is turning. tried both DVI slots and they are both the same color (to be honest I suspect this card may be some knock off but I would have to get it to work in order to verify).

Onboard vga = everything works fine

Reinstalled old card 8500GT 512MB= everything works fine. onboard card disabled itself once I reinstalled old card.

My motherboard is Foxconn G33M03 and my monitor is LG Flatron L1970HR.

Thank you!
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    Either PSU can't deliver enough power to the new card or the card is bad.
  2. bignastyid said:
    Either PSU can't deliver enough power to the new card or the card is bad.

    Thank you! So it's just those two options? Can it also be badly seated hardware? Motherboard bios in need of updating?

    The difference in the two cards is 50 watts and I unplugged some devices... still no luck.
  3. God I am an idiot. I must have checked the card for any external connections 20 times but somehow I still missed the 6 pin connection on it... so yeah, I guess the PSU didn't supply enough power but only because I didn't actually connect it. it's working now.
  4. Glad to hear it.
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