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After a windows update my pc blue screened saying Windows's framework violation. So I did a system restore and loaded last known good and I got windows to load with no blue screen. Only problem is that none of my USB ports will recognize my mouse or keyboard. I know the ports have power because I can charge my phone and my USB wireless adapter lights up. Motherboard is gigabyte ga990fxa ud3. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I've been without my gaming pc for a few days.
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  1. I can't use my mouse or keyboard to login to windows.
  2. Don't have the os disk or a way to download windows. And yes I've tried every USB port. And I guess the initial problem started after the windows update.
  3. I did a system restore to a few days before the windows update that screwed everything up.
  4. Update cause windows framework violation bsod. System restore/booting from last known good caused the USB problem.
  5. 7 64 bit
  6. I built it a year ago.
  7. It's just weird because I've never had this issue before when using system restore on it. And I've had to do it a few times.
  8. What mouse and keyboard are you trying to use? If you have access so one, you may want to try a mouse that is non usb.
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