Need help with making a graphics card work or picking something that does

Motherboard Model- 2AC2
Processor- 2.80 GHz
RAM- 8192 MBytes
Power Supply- 700 W
Graphics Card I'm currently using- Radeon HD 6570
Graphics Card I'm trying to use- HIS 7870 IceQ 2 GB(256bit) GDDR5 2x Mini-DiplayPort HDMI DL DVI-I (HDCP) PCI Express X 16 3.0 Graphics Card H787Q2G2M

When I try using this graphics card, nothing comes up on the screen, and my motherboard's display won't show anything either. If I can't make the other graphics card work, I would like something just as good or better that will work for my pc. I still haven't decided on a price range, so just give me some suggestions and I'll decide on that when I see something that catches my eye
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  1. Which 700W PSU?

    Also, which MB/CPU.

    Do you have both PCIe power cables plugged in?
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    Change your BIOS settings to prefer onboard video. Boot up to see if it works like that, and then shut down to remove & uninstall your old card. Once that is done you should restart and confirm that your PC is still working with just the onboard graphics. Shut down, add the GPU, and start it again while still doing onboard graphics. Now install the new drivers (they should recognize you have a HD 7870 installed), then restart, go back to bios, and switch your graphics preference back to PCI-X/whatever setting you currently use.

    If that doesn't work go ahead and post back.

    The only other concern right now is your PSU. the only wattage that matters is 12v amps/how they are divided (if on multiple rails) You need to find out if you have enough 12v amps on whatever rail your GPU is on, but it's reasonable to expect your 700w probably has enough so I'd do the re-installation steps first. Good luck.
  3. things to remember:

    1) you need to start up with onboard plugged in & preferred in bios. Plug the cord in before you boot.
    2) completely remove old drivers before installing the new ones.

    short guide to steps above:

    1)change bios to prefer IGP, get it to boot that way. remove GPU drivers and shut down
    2) remove old card. restart your PC and confirm drivers uninstalled/ready for new card. shut down
    3) add new card. keep display plugged into MOBO. boot up as usual, install drivers, and check that driver installer recognizes your new card.
    (now you know your card is working)
    4) go back to bios, change preferred display back to whatever it was on your old card, shut down & change your cord over to your new, installed card.
    5) start up.. ???.. profit

    that's the long way to do it, but it sounds like the best option considering the trouble you're having. If it stops booting along the way (when you plug in your new card) then you know you have a power problem. Else it's just the regular blotched software install.
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