whats the best graphic card my rig can handle ?

PSU: 450W
Mainboard : Msi P45-Neo2
Processor: C2Q Q8200 2.33GHz
graphic card : msi 9600 Gt 512mb

want to know what is the best graphic card my cpu can handle...
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    Your CPU? Possibly a radeon 7850/7870 is the best I would put into it. I don't think I'd put anything more into it. Maybe a 7950 because they are only $30 more then the 7870, but it will probably bottleneck to a degree. Hope this helps.

    Edit: for Nvidia a GTX 660 would be the most I'd get.
  2. A gtx 660 or a 7850/7870 should be ok.
  3. gtx 760
  4. 7850/gtx 660
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