7970 GHz Edition or GTX 770?

SAPPHIRE Vapor-X Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 6GB:

Back with another question, right now I can either get this 7970 above, or any GTX 770 out on Newegg right now. I am running two 1080p monitors (which means only one for gaming), with a VERY SLIM possibility of triple monitor in the future. Would the 7970 be a better deal, or the 770? I am planning on running GTA V and Watch Dogs, both upcoming open world games (remember the issues with GTA IV optimization?).
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    There's little difference in price or performance between a 7970 and a 770. However, if you're using multi-monitor setups for gaming, then the extra memory on the 7970 is a must have to stop you having to scale back textures and so on.
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