Sapphire 7870 XT Whining

Hey all,

My video card has some whining to it when playing some graphically intensive games such as Dead Space and Bioshock: Infinite. Using FRAPs while playing Dead Space I found that my FPS reaches upwards of 400+ in menu. The obvious choice here being to enable V-Sync to lower the FPS since my 60 Hz monitor can't even process that many frames.

HOWEVER, this leads to severe lag on my mouse and gamepad (XBOX 360 wired controller) to the point where I can't even play. With V-Sync off, no problems, just whining.

Are there any settings suggestions that anyone would recommend?

My build consists of:
+ Intel i7 3770k
+ ASUS P8z77-V LK
+ G.SKILL Ripjaws X 16GB
+ Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
+ Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT
+ Rosewill Capstone 650W (80 Plus Gold)

Thank you in advance!
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  1. ru trolling?
  2. Why do you say that?
  3. Best answer
    Get radeon pro, create a profile for each game, in advanced tab change flip queue to 1, change dynamic frame control to 59, force vsync and triple buffering.

    I do this on my 7870 and games play better than without vsync its awesome.

    You sure the whine is your gpu and not psu?
  4. Dude. You're the man. That worked. Why 59 FPS instead of 60 though?

    Not that I'm complaining about the glory you have given me, but now I have a bit a frame tearing that I don't remember having before. Any more recommendations on that? What is double v-sync? You've opened up a whole new world.

    I'm not 100% that it's my video card, but that seems to be where the sound is coming from. And it echos through my speakers on my monitor. I wouldn't think that a PSU could cause that, unless I am mistaken.
  5. Disregard the frame tearing. I didn't put V-Sync on in that profile. All is good.
  6. you need to make sure vsync and triple buffering is enabled to get rid of the screen tearing.

    also 59 fps seems to get rid of the input latency with vsync, i think its something to do with even having vsync or a frame cap enabled it can sometimes go over 60fps causing input latency but having the fps cap at 59 gives a buffer of 1fps and stops it.
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