Current Great Hard-drives HDDs for a Decent price?!

Hey guys!

In advance, thanks for any help!

As a couple of my HDDs start to fail, Im looking for buying a couple new ones.

Used for gaming, networking, data moving, general use.

Their price should surely be under 100 bucks each. around 60 would be nice.

Rather a bit faster than much space.

I currently dont really know what best series of any manufacturer is.

WD or Seagate are preferred for me.

I had a look at the WD Black series:

Are there any better new models/series already?

Im really open and thankful for any recommendations and advices!
Thanks in advance to all storage pros! :)

Kind Regards
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  1. WD Blacks really aren't much faster than anything else. You're better off just getting the cheapest 7200RPM drive around.

    1TB drives can be picked up for about $60.
  2. hey,

    thanks for your answer!

    surely we are not talking incredible improvements, but maybe 10%?

    personally, I prefer buying recently released series.

    any other brands series recommendable?

  3. Seagate Barracuda 2TB and 3TB drives are well priced and very fast.
  4. Best answer
    Only a couple of percent. Not worth the extra 50% in price.

    Blacks aren't recent, but every manufacturer refreshes the drives every year or so. The barracuda name has been around for years, but that doesn't mean the new drives have anything in common with the old ones.

    The cheapest ones are the best, really.
  5. hey thank you guys for the input again!

    much appreciated.

    I get the blacks for 10 bucks more so 60 bucks.
    Guess I can only agree with your point there someone somewhere,
    however, I still just bought a couple of the WD blacks.

    thank you guys for the help!
    keep the good work up
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