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umm im new here and i have the preparing automatic repair loop problem ive been playing spore when it happend when pc then had to shut down because of battery i then turned it back on but there it goes the blue screen with the :( your pc has like this and that and then it would restart and the text that says preparing automatic repair would show up then thats where the problem comes it goes around and around without showing the stuff iv'e seen in the videos like restart now or advanced options, instead it would simply show the :( blue screen again and it starts all over again........... i dont have these recovery discs/ubs but i do have the novo button which my lenovo z500 came up with. thanks
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    Guess you have little choice but to power off and to press the Novo Button to initiate System Recovery, but this will lose all your software and data. When and if you get your System running again, create a Repair Disk and backup to a System Image, that way you can recover all in future.
    At your Start Screen, type 'Recovery''. From Settings choose 'Windows 7 File Recovery'
    Both Repair Disk/Drive and System Image can be created here...
    Best to create the Repair Disk on a USB Flash and the System Image on a separate, large capacity USB storage device.
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