Energy Consumption of a PC and Power Supply

I would like to understand how does the energy consumption of power supply work in a pc?

I would like to buy an intel celeron g1610, 4gb ram and mobo and I have a juggernaut PSU with max output 500W, 2x150gb HDD, dvdwriter and 1 case fan. No GPU for now since i'm satisfied with an integrated intel hd graphics of intel celeron g1610.

I dont know how does a energy consumption work in a PC, is it based on the PSU max output or the total wattage of the cpu,mobo,hdd,dvdwriter,casefan and ram? I want an energy efficient PC thats why i want to know if my PSU gives energy consumption or the parts inside.

Please help me understand. Thanks for those who could help me. ^_^
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  1. it depend's on the TDP of CPU,GPU, and power consumption of mobo dvDR etc. so a PC with 500W PSU will not make it consume 500W, it will supply power to the parts depending on their need's and is capable of supplying upto 500W to them.

    but if you really want to make an efficient system make sure the PSU is rated 80+ bronze or more, as some power is wasted due to AC to DC conversion, 80+ rated PSU reduce that waste.
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    Most PCs have a eff rating, ie 80% is most common. If No rating then use 70%.

    Power is based on Load, ie MB, GPU, RAM, GPU and Hard drives ect. The CPU and the GPU are the two single biggest power consumtion units. The PSU has to provide this power and is NOT 100% eff. So based on 80 % lets say the computer uses 200 Watts therefore at the wall outlet you would use 200 + 20% x 200 = 220 Watts this is what you pay for. PS the Wattage rating of the PSU has no bearing on this - a 500 Watt or 750 watt PSU makes no difference.

    PS The PSU is a VERY important part of your Build and I recommend that the brand/model be at least a tier 3 Unit.
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