Best Air CPU cooler for FX 8350 OC ?

I Need The Best Air CPU cooler for FX 8350 OC !?
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    1. Phanteks PH-TC14-PE
    2. Thermalright Silver Arrow
    3. Noctua DH-14
  2. Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-Extreme :D

    Even better.
  3. Noctua NH-D14

    It is cool, it is silent and it is a beast for overclocking. Just get it. This would be very good for anyone's needs.

    It costs around 75 dollars, but it is awesome cooler. So just get it.
  4. Noctua NH-D14 , hands down . Phantheks and Silver Arrow are also very good , but Noctua comes with really good thermal paste . About Cooler Master , I think it is kinda overpriced . Take looks aside , and other than that , shit . It is compared with H80 , while all of these are compared with H100i with same price ! If you have windowed case and you don't like that brown colour of D14 just put some alchemy strips and BOOM ! job done .
  5. About the price , not for same , but $20 less !
  6. But the noctua d14 doesnt come with am3+ does it?? On amazon it only says it comes for 2011 1155 1156 etc sockets.
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    Sn1992-1361850 said:

    A shame it cost 90$ ffs...
  8. Sn1992-1361850 said:

    What the fuck... Looks like a beast!
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