Microsoft Sidewinder Force FeedBack Wheel

CPU : AMD X4 640 Stock 3.0GHz
MOBO : Asrock N68 VS3 UCC
RAM : ballstix 4GB DDR3 1600MHZ
PSU : Antec High Current Gamer 450Watt
GPU : XFX 7770 Double Dissipation 1GHZ edition

OS : Windows 7

I got a problem i want to play a game and that game needs the Acceleration and brake on seperate axis

My steering wheel is an MS Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel and is a very old steering wheel but it has drivers that worked fine on OS Windows XP The software was called Sidewonder Control Pannel and with that Software i could change the pedals to Seperate/Combined axis

the drivers arent supported on OS Windows 7 and now the steeringwheel has the pedals on Combined axis

alot games dont support that

is there any other way to use any Mapping software To confiruge my Pedals to seperate ?
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    I also have that old wheel, but I haven't used it in years for several reasons, two of which you mentioned: MS stopped offering driver software updates post-XP, and games no longer support that wheel. For those reasons as well as it using the old serial port connection which my newer builds no longer had on the motherboard. I've been enjoying a Logitech G27 wheel setup since and haven't looked back.

    You may be able to find a Win 7 driver hack out there someone did for the original utility, but considering how old the wheel is and the lack of official support in racing games for many years now, I doubt anyone would put the time into making it. Just shell out for a newer wheel from Logitech. Plenty to choose from between $100 and $300.
  2. I had no issues running this wheel on Windows 8. In Windows 10, it doesn't work at all (trying it in Project Cars).
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