Lan to Wan between 2 routers connection Probelm

I have 2 routers:

Westell 327w wireless router

Belkin n150 wireless router

I would like to set up 2 sublets with westell as a secondary to Belkin.. When I connect the lan port of Belkin to Wan port of westell 327w, there is no internet connection even though the westell 327w shows the connection is complete with an IP address from belkin..

However, When I connect lan port from westell 327w to wan port of belkin, everything works fine with no problem.. Can someone point me to what seems to be the problem?
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  1. Westell WAN to Belink LAN, give the Westell a static IP in the Belkin range, with Belkin IP as gateway and DNS.

    Anything connected to the Westell, will get an IP from the Westell DHCP and the Westsell will forward to the Belkin for internet access.

    PC's on the different subnets will not talk to each other, unless you put in static routing between the two subnets.
  2. Thanks das_stig, I tried your suggestion several times. However, westell router still does not have internet connection. I also notice If I connect Belkin's wan to westell's lan, I can access Westell router's homepage through Belkin router. However, If I connected Westell's Wan to Belkin's Lan, I could not access to Belkin router's homepage or any acess outside of westell sublet.
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