zotac gtx 650ti boost 2gb psu requirements?

Is a zebronics 450watts enough to supply the zotac gtx 650ti boost 2gb graphic card or i must upgrade the psu??
please let me know asap.
thanks in advance
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    It will be fine. However your PSU is not good quality. I just thought I'd make you aware. It will run, but you should always get a good PSU like a corsair, XFX or seasonic. Hope this helps!

    Update: the PSU needs to be able to power PCIe cards. Check that on your PSU.
  2. is it this?, plz provide us the model of this psu or check the output on 12v rail on the label

    if yes, this psu won't be able to power even hd 7750
  3. 450 W power supply would be enough for the graphics card but you will need 500W power supply if you need to overclock the GPU and the processor....I'd suggest you to upgrade it....!!
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