Unstable gpu and crappy temps

So I recently upgraded my power supply to an AX860 and CPU cooler to an EVO HYper 212 for a system running i5 3570k on a Gigabyte Z77x-UP5th Mobo and a Gigabyte HD7870. This is all in a Full tower LEvel 10 GT by the way.

First off I've boosted the cpu cores to 4.0 Ghz max clocks each, and even with a few minutes of prime 95 I'm looking at 73C max. The gpu also completely crashes if you OC it even 50 hz.

Any advice? I assume you all may want more info I'll try to reply from work.

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    ur CPU temps look fine, for the GPU it may be a driver issue
  2. Just got home from work. Could you estimate what kind of temps I should be expecting at full load for a stock i5 and OC'd i5. I thought I'd get better cooling with an EVO 212. I only ask because I was skeptical of the job I did with the Thermal paste. I'll try the GPU drivers in awhile. Thanks for your input!
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