Boot failure updating bois via asus AI suite

Hi there i have bought the following parts:

i5 4670k 3.4 ghz
asus Z87-A


After installing and testing the components i was glad the system was good to go, i installed windows 64x and i was updating all the files i needed to like:
Windows update, Asus ai suite.

When i was updating windows i decided to update my bois as well, back then my AI suite was open too. I don't know why but i saw my cores drop down to 600 mhz and the pc was making error noise and everything was like slow-mo style and started to get faster again... The ai suite said that do not stop the installation or do not restart the pc.

But since that slow-mo action came, i panicked and restarted the pc, ever since.. the pc won't start anymore. On the mobo there's a red light telling me there's a cpu error..

Tried everything i could, reset cmos, taking everything out etc.. still no avail.
I think i just messed up my cpu very hard.. I shouldn't have installed that crappy AI-suite otherwise i'd be playing games now and i was happy every since..

Well, i sent the parts back and i'm waiting here for some time now.. i'm pretty depressed at the moment..

Just wanted to know what the hell happened back there.

Thanks for reading
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    Ya gonna need to use a USB stick or alternate method to fix
  2. Unfortunately i can't even see my post logo. I've tried updating my bois via usb but it doesn't work in anyway because i have a black screen.
  3. You should not have reset the system while UEFI was updating.

    When you get the new board, if ou decide to update UEFI, use EZ Flash via UEFI with a FAT32 formatted USB drive.
  4. Thanks for the info,

    I have learned my lesson.
    now all i got to do is to wait for the other board..

    thanks for the help!
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