Whats a good Liquid Cooler & Thermal Paste for a Intel i7 3930K To overclock to 4.8Ghz And for Dual 780s overclocked 1200Mhz?

I had to add this to the bottom did't have anymore space but what is a good liquid cooler for The Intel i7 3930K Overclocked to 4.5Ghz or 4.8Ghz,A Liquid Cooler good enought to cool Dual GTX 780s overclocked to 1100Mhz or 1200Mhz,And a Liquid Cooler good enough for the hard drives(I'm going to use a 4TB Hard Drive I haven't chose a Hard Drive all i know is I'm going to get a 4TB)?I'm going to use Dual GTX 780s (2 Way SLI GTX 780),I'm gonna use a single 2560x1600 or a 2560x1440 monitor,I'm going to use this mainly for gaming,I'm going to play on ultra settings,And I'm going to overclock to 4.5Ghz or 4.8Ghz.I'm going to be playing games like The battlefield Series,The Far Cry Series,The Resident Evil Series,The Mass Effect Series,The Elder Scrolls Series,The Saints Row Series,The Assasins Creed Series,The Mirrors Edge Series,The Bioshock Series,The Medal Of Honor Series,The Grand Theft Auto Series,The Hitman Series,The Batman Series,The Dead Rising Series,The Crysis Series,And Many Other Big AAA Games.The Specs I'm looking for are A good Liquid Cooler That can be able to handle the Intel i7 3930K overclocked to 4.5Ghz or 4.8Ghz,a Liquid cooler that can handle all those games above on ultra settings and on 2560x1600 or 2560x1440,a Liquid cooler that Won't break or leak for a long time,A Liquid Cooling that will keep the CPU cold at a overclock of 4.5Ghz or 4.8Ghz,And A Liquid Cooler that is good enough to keep the GPU Cool Overclocked to 1075Mhz or 1100Mhz or 1200Mhz,And A Liquid cooler good enough to keep maybe a couple of 4TB hard drives.Sorry i'm not good at choosing the Liquid cooling that's why i posted on here.The Thermal Paste spec is a Thermal paste that's good enough to help the liquid cooler keep the CPU cold.
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    First off I have to recommend against what I call "faux water cooling" which utilize the Asetek self contained units and are marketed by many vendors such as the Corsair H series coolers. Only the very biggest just barely outperform the better air coolers, and they do so buy shoving so much air thru the radiators that it sounds like ya live next to an airport.

    here ta see that the H100 tops the Phanteks by just 1/4C,13.html

    but author concludes:

    However, this performance comes at a cost; noise. At 2600RPM, the H100 isn’t a quiet unit at all and similarly at 2000RPM, it can still be quite intrusive. In terms of performance per noise, high end air coolers from Phanteks, Noctua and Thermalright still reign supreme, contrary to Corsair’s own marketing. Like other ALC units, the H100 relies too much on high RPM fans for its performance when the goal of water cooling is generally for extreme performance at low noise levels.

    You can see and hear it for yaself here:

    That's 60+ dBa ... now compare that with the Swiftech 220 whih peaks in the high 40s.... in other words, with 3 dbA representinga doubling of sound pressure, that makes the H100 16 times louder.

    The Swiftech is no longer available in the US due to an alleged patent claim but the Cooler Master Prestige 240L is comparable to the Swiftech and is readily available... read the feedback comments on newegg

    Ya can see it installed here:
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