Good low spec pc games?

Hello,i have played alot of games that are already suggested:Minecraft,Terraria,Tf2,League Of Legends, WoW,Gta All without lag (Lol only but on start)
And everyone are suggesting alot of bad games with bad graphics etc.
Im looking for something new.
Indie Games are also accepted
Cpu entium 4 2.Ghz
Video:Ati Radeon 9550/x1050
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  1. 768mb RAM? You really need 2gb more of RAM, it's only $30 dollars/£25 at the most

    Anyways, Papers Please has been shown a lot lately, you've probably heard of it, it's easy to run and very fun. I think it's £6.
    The old Call of Duties, which haven't got multiplayer but are generally pretty fun, Call of Duty 2 will run ok on your System
    The old FarCry is a possibility

    Bad games with bad graphics is probably all you're going to get, that system was outdated years ago
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    looks like you're mostly into mmo's & multiplayer. Here's a few that run well on low end systems.

    Vindictus - a good mmo-brawler; runs on the source engine (same as TF2).

    The Showdown Effect - fast paced 2d fighting/platformer (think smash bros. with quicker, bloody death)

    Super Monday Night Combat - over-the-shoulder MOBA (i.e. LoL, Dota, but camera perspective of GTA) with TF2-type styling.
  3. Are you sure about Vindictus

    I just saw the requirements and i was stunned Thank you alot
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