Help with my amd fx8350 cpu temps when gaming.

So I have a fairly new pc, (about 1 month old) and i have a pretty good case, fractal design define r4, and also i have a fairly big aftermarket air cooler for the cpu, bequiet dark rock 2 but even though i removed the moduvents from the top to improve airflow, My cpu gets still very hot :/ temps go around 70-78C when gaming for a while (noticed this on high demanding games (so far only bf3, SO is it just the game that its hard on the cpu or why it is getting so hot? The cpu itself doesn't overheat when just doing a cpu benchmark for a longer time with wprime or something else. but when both cpu and gpu are in alot of use the cpu starts to overheat. and btw when it gets really hot, my fps ingame drops dramaticly. then after a 10-30sec frame drop it goes back to normal. but anyways any help to improve my temps and should my cpu cooler ran faster? it goes to about 1400rpm and its a 135mm fan so is that good? also i have 2 case fans, one on the front and 1 on the back and even if i run those on max (12volts) still the cpu sometimes overheats. Plz i need help asap. thanks in advance
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  1. are u using the stock fan?
  2. skitz9417 said:
    are u using the stock fan?

    did you even read what i wrote?
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    That CPU should not overheat like that.It's probably just a software problem (try setting BIOS settings for CPU to default).If that problem occurs even after that get a liquid cooling.I am really not sure what else could be the problem IF the CPU has no malfunctions.
  4. Oh of the problems can be that your power supply can't really deliver that much power that CPU requires at full load (or any other hardware you have) .What kind of CPU do you have anyway and what kind of power supply ?
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