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I just finished my first build and i'm using a Gainward GTX 770 phatom. It comes with a software called EXPERTool. I'm not very familiar with over clocking in general and i'm afraid of destroying my GPU. Is it even possible to break it with the software? And does anyone have a link for a good tutorial that i can read just to learn how to use it, because i just don't know what exactly to look for.
I have a similar problem with my CPU. I've installed an i5-4670k. The software i have is from the motherboard from MSI, the Z87-GD45, which is called MSI intel extreme tuning ability. I also have another one that i can install that also came with the motherboard, is the command center. I don't know how to use any of them, and any advice would be highly appreciated.
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    Ntune attaches to your control panel for OC'ing, you can also change fan speeds

    Try not to go above 200mhz, maybe just 100mhz for starters
  2. ok thanks i'll use that should i remove the software i got with the GPU then?
  3. If it's easy enough, i don't know, leave it on if you want
  4. ok i'll just try out stuff thanks a lot :)
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