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Hi. So I have a pretty much garbage computer and I don't have the money to throw down for a decent one, but I do have a couple bucks I want to put into improving my current one to hold me over for a year or two until I decide to get a new one. Right now I have a Dell precision 670, basically designed as a work computer (which really it still is good for schoolwork and youtube and low requirement games like minecraft, runescape, etc) that still runs fine. I had been able to run Battlefield Play4free on medium graphics totally fine (and I could play recon on high detail) until almost a year ago, when I started to notice a pretty steady decline over the course of a couple months. Now it's not worth the effort of playing because I lag too much, and I know for a fact I have a terrible graphic card. Besides gaming, the computer runs very smoothly, it's fast to reboot, I can easily have 10 tabs open on Chrome, no speed issues.

Now, could I buff up on RAM a bit and put in a decent graphic card on say a $200-250 budget, and would it be worthwhile? By worthwhile I mean could I run sort of low end FPS games like BFP4F, TF2, stuff like that rather smoothly for say a year? I know I don't have a shot in hell at running games like BF3, but I don't care. If a graphic card and RAM improvement seems reasonable, what are solid graphics cards that will give me a good bang for my buck, without overspending too much on this bad computer? I'd appreciate any advice I can get :) thanks.
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    You could upgrade to a lower end GTS or GT Graphics card but I dont recommend upgrading that computer. The computer is very old and not worth upgrading but if you would like just grab a GTS or GT Graphics card from NVIDIA
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