New build, no beep, no video signal


All new components. (I have 20 + builds exp)

Press on button, PSU fan, CPU fan and case fans turn, LED's light, no beeps on system speaker. Video card fan is running. No video signal on monitor.......nothing, just blank, (even if I press "Delete" to get to CMOS)

Changed vid cable....same blank monitor.

Changed monitor...same blank monitor.

Unplugged PSU, jumpered it and checked every wire with VTOM...all OK.

Removed Video card... I get a long and two short beeps. (Video prob-normal)
Reinstalled video card, goes back to no beep or video signal.

I removed the only 4GB RAM chip...Got 1 long/3 short-normal for a RAM prob.)
Reinstalled RAM and it went back to no beep or vid signal.

Reinstalled RAM in another slot-no beeps, no video signal. Tried all 4 slots with same result.....

Unplugged DVD and HD drives, The system still powers on but no beeps or video signal.

Unplugged 8 pin aux power plug (CPU aux power) at motherboard, and booted again, no beep or video, but when I unplugged the RAM chip with the 8 pin power plug undone, I got no beeps there (where I got 1 long-3 short when I removed the RAM pervoiusly. (8 pin plug went to the CPU, so CPU must be working?)

I removed the MoBo from the case and placed on a clean wooden surface. With only the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors on the MoBo, the 6 pin on the Vid card plus the video cable to the monitor, I tried to boot it and still got the usual no beeps and no vid signal.

I turned off the unit, disconnected the power cable and cleared the CMOS setings
and it still makes no beep or video signal.

My belief is it is a bad MoBp.

Anyone else have any other tests or ideas?

Thank you, Mizlplix
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    I think the board is OK . Its giving beeps to faults it finds .

    Is there an onboard graphics option you can try?
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