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Hi Members,

Today I just got a third monitor for my computer. I have 2 Asus VS247 monitors & 1 ViewSonic VA2406M.

I originally had just one Asus, then I added the ViewSonic, and now the 2nd Asus today.

The 1st Asus is connected via HDMI

The other two monitors are connected via DVI.

I have it setup so my middle (Asus) monitor is my main display and I would like the desktop to be extended on to the other monitors which are on the left (Asus) and right (ViewSonic) sides of the middle monitor (Asus)

Catalyst Control Center is no help, I downloaded the trial version of display fusion but no luck there.

Graphics Card: Sapphire HD 6870 :

Do I need the display port adapter I read about in the eyefinity guide? If so which one should I get? DP to HDMI or DP to DVI?

Also how should I be connecting my monitors?

Thanks in advance for your help guys :)
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    you need an ACTIVE displayport to HDMI/DVI adapter such as this one. normal displayport mode. mini displayport model

    those hdmi adapters also support 5.1 pcm output.

    you could get a DVI adapter such as this one. normal displayport to single link dvi adapter. mini displayport model to single link dvi.

    you could get the dvi adapter, if you wanted surround sound you could just use the hdmi out on the card to receiver then receiver to monitor for surround.
  2. Ok so I got a display port to single link dvi adapter. So my question is now why isn't the 3rd monitor working. I have HDMi on the first Asus, the 2nd Asus is using the adapter, and the viewsonic is using dvi.
  3. what adapter did you get?
  4. that adapter is a passive adapter which is why it is not working, you needed an ACTIVE adapter.

    you needed this one it even has active adapter in the name.
  5. Thank you so much for your help. :)
  6. no worries bud, hope you can replace the one you got for the other.
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