No boot up menu, no cursor, Just black screen.

Okay so here's the story peeps, and thank you for trying to help ^_^.

So my computer has been acting funny lately, (May have downloaded virus I.e Norton Auto Fix?) After i got that my Norton button on the bottom of the screen (Toolbar tiny button thing) had an red circled X on it, meaning it was shut off. I also couldn't open it. nothing displayed when i tried to do something with Norton. the only thing that worked was Norton Utilites, so i'd run many scans clean my computer, restart but still that problem stayed. Anyways thats where it started I believe.

So i finally decided, hey i should fix that shit. So i started looking for ways to delete it (I couldn't just uninstall it). so I read that i should start my computer into safe mode and run scans from there. and I did.

I'm not sure when this started, but my computer's monitor wouldn't display anything until my login screen popped up (Which means, no f8 start menu option) So my boot screen wouldn't pop up. nor my windows logo which had that loading bar. It would remain "asleep" until i could log in.

So I opened my Cmd and forced a safe boot option using the command ;bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal.

Now my computer turns on, my mouse powers up (lights turn on) but my monitor stays in sleep mode (orange light, It would be blue if it was on) i move the mouse to try to wake up the monitor but nothing happens. it just stays black, no cursor shown, nothing.

What I've tried:

Reseating Everything Possible
unplug everything
Dusting it
resetting on and off

Please help!
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  1. Are you using a graphics card or on board graphics?
  2. diabedo said:
    Are you using a graphics card or on board graphics?

    A graphics card, Newer, Bought it not too long ago, Nvidia G-force something rather.

    Also In reply to My story, I just found out that pushing keys on the keyboard causes my computer to beep. idk what that means. Any ideas?
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    well id try booting using the on board graphics, removing the card from your system couldnt hurt either. your third party GPU driver could have been corrupted. and the beeping with keystrokes could mean many things, one of which could be as bad as loss of your OS. but dont worry, one step at a time.
  4. okay so I don't know how to run it on just my board graphics, didnt see a plug in for my monitor. Anywho I basically got it up and running again. uninstalling and tinkering with the graphics card. Thanks a ton meng!!! Fixed computer, Thanks :D
  5. awesome good to hear and no problem at all. dont forget to select best answer =]
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