What Kind of Liquid Cooler (Also i want it quiet) will i need to overclock the Intel i7 3930K to 4.7Ghz or 4.8Ghz?

Also will i need a fan cooler if i want to overclock both the CPU & GPU.What kind of Fan cooler will i need if i want to overclock the GPU to or 1075Mhz 1100Mhz or 1200Mhz And Overclock the CPU the CPU to 4.6Ghz or 4.8Ghz.The CPU Like i said I'm going to use a Intel i7 3930K And for the GPU I'm going to use Dual EVGA ACX GTX 780s (2 Way SLI EVGA ACX GTX 780).Also i don't want a loud Cooler System I had another Question and it said to go with the Corsair H100i but it's LOUD.I'm going to use a single monitor,a 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 Monitor,This is gonna be used for gaming,And I'm going to be playing on Ultra settings.I'm going to be playing games like The battlefield Series,The Far Cry Series,The Resident Evil Series,The Mass Effect Series,The Elder Scrolls Series,The Saints Row Series,The Assasins Creed Series,The Mirrors Edge Series,The Bioshock Series,The Medal Of Honor Series,The Grand Theft Auto Series,The Hitman Series,The Batman Series,The Dead Rising Series,The Crysis Series,And Many Other Big AAA Games.The Specs i'm looking for is a liquid or fan cooler is A Liquid or fan cooler that can overclock the the CPU to 4.6Ghz or 4.8Ghz and overclock a GPU to 1075Mhz or 1100Mhz or 1200Mhz,A Liquid or fan cooler that keep the system cold while under big AAA games,A Liquid or Fan cooler that can keep cold and overclock the CPU to 4.6Ghz or 4.8Ghz,And a Liquid or Fan Cooler that can overclock the GPU to 1075Mhz or 1100Mhz or 1200Mhz.
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  1. TL;DR. Holy paragraphs, Batman.
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    you must remember the motherboard VRM needs to be cooled and since there wont be a cpu fan cooling it you run the risk of baking it quick

    i managed 4.6 easy (still to push more from it) with an old i7 2600k - air cooling

    also remember theres no guarentee of any overclock!
  3. my Corsair Hydro Series H100i is performing amazingly. and even with a push/pull set up very quiet. Im using 4 high performance corsair 120mm fans. got my 4770k to 4.4ghz with no effort at all, got idle temps of 35C
  4. The i7-3930k is a very easy CPU to overclock and my first recommendation is to get the Asus Rampage VI Extreme motherboard , it will make the overclocking much easier.
    I have both of these components and the 3930k is currently clocked at 4.5ghz with Idle temps in the mid 40c and when stress tested the temps went to low 60c, high 50c.
    Also the three video cards are water cooled by a separate radiator and under full stress at full ultra settings with a 2560x1600 monitor they topped out at the high 40c. I used Uniigine Heaven Benchmark DX11 Ultra settings and normal Tessilation and 4x AA.
    I have a custom water cooling set up but what's cooling the CPU and motherboard is a 240 radiator with double fans so that is comparable to the closed loop coolers that are being sold. If the fans are too loud then change them out for better low noise fans , you don't have to keep the fans that came with the unit and it's cheaper to change fans then get another unit.

    21db is quiet and has a high static air pressure for better air flow.

    The ACX cooler on the Evga video cards will keep the cards cool and quiet.

    If you have the money then a custom water cooling is the way to go as you can pick your own parts and get really good cooling power from a wide choice of radiators and fans.
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