DH57M01 YD0213 mother board, wanting to upgrade graphics card.need help

I was going to get a gtx660 ti, most likely the asus model. but was wondering if it would fit. After taking a look at my set up it looks like if i were to try to put the card on that mother board it wouldnt fit because it would hit the RAM sticks or the metal cooling fins on the mother board. should i be worried about it not fitting, as I dont want to spend the money on this card if it wont fit.. i am also upgrading to a 600w+ powersupply and possiblys a new case for fans. thank u for any help with this.
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    Can't tell how high the heatsink is but it should be low enough to go under the video card heatsink, you should get a card with the heatsink up a bit just in case like this one

    The RAM slots look like they should clear the card if just barely. Just make sure the case is wide enough for the card.
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