Hyper Evo 212

hey guys need to make sure this heatsink can fit inside these 2 cases for these 2 components

1) Thermaltake v6 w/ Phenom II x6

2) Antec 300 w/ 8320
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  1. I can vouch for the second, but not the first.
  2. Damn lmao zZz any suggestions on what type of heatsink to get for the phenom II x6?
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    According to the product specifications it's about 159 mm your case should specify somewhere that it has some sort of cpu cooler cutout that is able to fit something at at least 160 mm (like for me with the fractal r4, it can fit coolers up to 160 mm, which can just squeeze in the evo)

    I believe I heard the antec 300 fits (although navigating their product specs sheet is annoying, but someone on a forum said it did fit)
    the v6 fits coolers up to about 170 mm so it definitely fits

    Google is your friend
  4. they both fit
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