Headphones and Mic jack detecting but not working

I built this computer 2 days ago and everything is working fine. However when I try to plug in my headphones and mic in the front panel slots, they aren't getting recognized. I double checked to see if the HD Audio cord in the mobo was plugged in all the way and it was but it still doesn't work.
The motherboard is Asrock z77 Extreme4 and the case is the Corsair 500r
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    Sometimes the case has an option for AC97 or HD Audio.

    Please ensure the bios option matches the plug you used.

    Also make sure you install the latest drivers from the Asrock website.
  2. Okay, I went back in to the case and pulled out the cord some since it was kind of tight to reduce cables.
    I'd imagine that tension was causing it to barely miss a pin cause now it works.
    Thanks for taking the time to help though.
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