AMD Radeon HD 6450. Not running 2 display's?

I've bought this video card about a month ago and installed all the drivers and kept them up to date with a single monitor. Now i have plugged in my other monitor into the DVI port, it is not detected.
I have a 400W power supply and my card requires 400W. not sure if i dont have enough power to run them both or not.
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  1. What's the max resolution for this card?
  2. Unplug the monitor that works. You need to make sure the port, cable and other monitor work.
  3. MC_K7 said:
    What's the max resolution for this card?

    Dual-link DVI with HDCP
    Max resolution: 2560x1600

    Max resolution: 2048x1536
    The monitor that in the vga is 1680x 1050 and the DMI is 1440x900
    i have tried both monitors in the dvi. and non of them work
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    Only 1 monitor in, both monitors don't work in dvi with different cables? Then I'd have to say the dvi port is bad.
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