how do i connect to a wireless internet connection with my android tablet?

how do i connect to wireless network with my android tablet?
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  1. If you have a model dsl or cable you need a router then you need to set it up on your pc then this will enable wireless then in yout tablet you can access the wireless from it.
  2. oh sorry I wasn't clear enuf. I am at a resort and need to connect to the resort's wifi. So, it doesn't show up on the screen. I can see other people's wifi but theirs is secure. How do i get the resort's wifi on my tablet?
  3. Oh wow have you called them and asked what the key is so you can get on?
  4. I have the password but the network won't even show up but like I said I see others (personal networks in the neighborhood). I've hit the scan button and it won't pick up the attwifi network that the resort uses. Any ideas?
  5. have you shut off the item tablet ect and rebooted so it scans?
  6. yep, turned everything off and still nothing. Is it possible that a tablet doesn't have a strong enough antennae to pick up the signal? any other ideas?
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    No I would say your device is fine if your finding other wi fi networks around I would say something is wrong with the resorts wi fi.
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