MMO game runs terrible after power outage

I was playing a new MMO that is out and have been running it on maximum settings flawlessly. My computer is fairly decent and runs most newer games great. Today there was a power outage while I was playing. Everything came back on and I logged into the same game only to find it barely playable. None of the settings have been changed and it runs at 9fps or lower. I even lowered all settings down to the crappiest lowest settings that are available and it still barely gets up to 15-17fps after doing that.

Something happened in that power outage, its as if my computer suddenly can't run the games I play anymore (tested other games, they run worse than before also) What happened?
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    There's a possibility of damage to the power supply or graphics card, which is worst case scenario. Start with the easy solution first of re-installing the game. If a game's sofware got a little scrambled, it might be screwing with the performance by having a needed value set at something outside reality. If that doesn't do it, pull down 3DMark's free version of their testing software and run that. If your display doesn't run up to expectations, you may have to look into a new PS or GPU. If you have a spare laying around of either or a buddy who can loan you one, try a swap out and see what happens.
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