*Repost* What Kind Of Liquid Cooler will I need if i wanna overclock both CPU & GPU (2 GPUs)(The CPU 4.6Ghz The GPU 1150Mhz)

I Reposted this cause JackNaylorPE Put the most confusing post i'm asking if he can give me the links to all those Liquid Coolers.Also if there is a better water cooler tell me.I'm going to use Dual EVGA ACX GTX 780s (2 Way SLI GTX 780) And I'm going to probably overclock them both to 1150Mhz or 1075Mhz Ir 1100Mhz or 1200Mhz.For the CPU i'm going to use the Intel i7 3930K And Overclock it to 4.6Ghz or 4.8Ghz.This is gonna be used for gaming.The Specs I'm looking for is a Liquid Cooler that can cool both GPU & CPU,A Liquid Cooler that can overclock the GPU & CPU (For the GPU I'm gonna overclock to 1075Mhz or 1100Mhz or 1150Mhz or 1200Mhz)(For the CPU I'm gonna overclock to 4.6Ghz or 4.8Ghz),A Liquid Cooler that won't break or leak in a long time,A Liquid Cooler that will have a long or life time Warranty,And A Liquid Cooler that will keep the the CPU & GPU Cold even with Overclocking and Playing on Big AAA Games.I'm going to play games like The Battlefield Series,The Far Cry Series,The Medal Of Honor Series,The Assasins Creed Series,The Dead Rising Series,The Crysis Series,The Grand Theft Auto Series,The BioShock Series,The Mirrors Edge Series,The Elder Scrolls Series,The Mass Effect Series,The Saints Row Series,The Resident Evil Series,The Batman Series,The Hitman Series,And Other Big AAA Games.
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    There are no links to "all those liquid coolers" because there's no such thing as "a liquid cooler" that cools 2 GPUs and a CPU..... these are cooled by "custom water loops" that consist of numerous individual parts, usually from various manufacturers, that are are assembled by the user into a custom water cooling system.

    The is only one link......

    Simply put each of the listed parts in the home page's search box to see the details on each individual part that makes up a complete system.

    If you find it too confusing, ya prolly not ready to build a custom water loop. Also, as indicated on other thread, you wanna buy the EVGA 780 with water blocks already on it..... EK for example has no full card waterblocks for the 780 ACX

    so buy these pre-assembled cards with water blocks preinstallled and custom fitted for that card.
  2. you are going to need a case that can handle several radiators. like 3x240mm. 6 to 12 case fans to place over the rads. ya by the way you phrased the question you are not ready to liquid cool. mcp655 pump would be good. Ask yourself is spending 700$ plus on a full loop to get a mild increase in fps is worth it. I use a mcp350 plus 2x240's to cool a phen II 955 @4.0 and a 7950 @ 1200/1425....did it for fun.
  3. Scott Bishop1-1392024 said:
    Ask yourself is spending 700$ plus on a full loop to get a mild increase in fps is worth it.....did it for fun.

    I fell in love with the loop on the Comdex Asus MBK build ......

    Priced it out with dual MCP655 pumps in series in each loop ....about $980 ..... PER LOOP !!!!

    Whole build here
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