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Is it possible to restore data of a memory card if the memory card is lost. i may have copied the data from the card to my pc a while back but i am not sure.

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  1. Check out Recuva. I doubt it'll help much, by the sound of it though.
  2. LoL - if you dont have it you cant recover data from it.
    What you meant to say was recover data you copied in some time ago. That answer is - very unlikely but it doesn't hurt anything to try. The longer it has been the less likely you will have anything to recover as its more likely that the OS would have written over the empty space.
  3. Okay so have you actually lost the memory card or did you accidentally delete everything of the memory card?

    If you still have it and accidentally delete them, AND you haven't over written any part of the memory card then there's a good chance you can get everything back. In my experience Recuva kinda sucks for this because it'll only find files still kinda there in essence.. That's my experience. But you can give it a try

    A good program you could try is R-Studio. That program helped me recover my whole 1TB drive. All the files and folder and subfolders had their original directories. Not entirely sure about deleted files. I've also used Easus data recovery that worked pretty well for deleted files but didn't keep directories and file names intact.

    Give them a whirl they both worked for me in the past!
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