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So I bought a cheap 7 eur keyboard yesterday which looked good and had a comfy button layout. But the problem with it is that some keys like A and left shift are very hard to press down. Takes some real force to do it...

So I took the button out and saw to it to see whats wrong..
Basicly thoes button have 0 oil under them which should make them move better I guess.

So now i am thinkinh about applying some oil my self but I dont know what kind of oil would a keyboard use..?
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  1. Keybords dont use oil ,rma it.
  2. get a better KB, will serve you well for years. Try mechanical
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    Any type of light oil would do as long as you remove any excess before setting the keys back in... the point is to prevent it from dripping down to the key contacts. WD40 or Silicon Spray lubricant would do the trick... I've used it several times without a problem.
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