Steps for Installing Windows 7 on SSD?

Hello! I am new to this community and I've seen a lot of useful posts about issues I've had in the past so I decided to see if I can get some insight.

I am going to buy an SSD and would like to know the steps needed to take in order to get Windows 7 up and running. I currently have my Windows on an HDD but want to wipe Windows and all other data off that and re-install it on the SSD. Any insight, links, tutorials, etc. on what exactly to do would be mighty grateful!
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    The easy way is back your personal files to USB stick. Then without the Ssd plugged in boot from windows 7 cd or hirem bot cd or disk tools. Format the hard drive then exit or stop. Power down and unplug the hard drive data cable and install the Ssd. Boot up and run the windows installer. When the installer is done and your in windows. Power down and reconnect the hard drive. On reboot windows should give it new drive letter and show up under my computer. If not use window disk management to add the drive.
  2. Also, make sure AHCI (or RAID for that matter) is set in the BIOS.
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