Corsair Carbide 200r Cooling Fan System Setup


In the picture you can see the current outlook of my case. Now I am going to buy either 2x Akasa Viper 140mm S-flow case fans or 2x Aerocool Shark 140mm case fans (I don't have much brands available to me in my country).

Fans on side panel I am talking about in above pic can be seen here, I can only use the below one as above one is blocked by cpu fan.

So considering that I will add 2x more case fans and the current direction where my GPU's fans blow air please help me decide how and where to put these 2 new fans.


In my current setup I actually don't have much heating issues.

I have no overclocking and did not set fans, they are all at defaults, system is completely new and 3 days old.

Max Temps:

CPU: 60 C under full load -prime- for long time. 56-57 max usually after gaming.
GPU: 64 C max with Furmark burn in- usually 57-58 after gaming.

I cannot have a healthy measurement of the northbridge temp but I can hold my finger on it for 2-3 seconds max until it gets too hot for me to hold it. So I assume it reaches something like 70+?

this is the part I am talking about.

I would appreciate any suggestions and discussions, I have heard and read about positive and negative airflow systems, I really don't think that it makes a big difference in terms of dust (Am I right about thinking like this?) but I would like to get your opinion on it as well. My main purpose here is to effectively cool the part circled in the picture and also other areas where it may get hot.

Thank you.
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  1. Can someone help me with this please?

    Right now I have 5 case fans + CPU FAN.

    One Akasa Viper 140mm (rated 110 CFM at max RPM / running at Auto)) Intake at BOTTOM
    One Akasa Viper 140mm (rated 110CFM at max RPM / running at Auto) Exhaust at TOP
    One Default 120mm case fan Intake at FRONT
    One Default 120mm case fan Exhaust at the BACK
    One Xilence 120mm case fan Exhaust at LOWER SIDE

    Thermaltake Contac30 CPU FAN running on auto, pushes air towards default case exhaust fan at back.

    Is this good and is there a way to accurately measure the temps on North/South Bridge???
  2. Its better that you set up an intake fan in the bottom , and an exhaust in the top. Try it , this might help!
    Going with the side panel intake won't do much as all the air would be taken up by the GPU. So go for the bottom intake!
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