gigabyte ga-z87x-ud5h sata hdd not detected f7 bios

Hi I have just build a pc that has this specs:
running win 7 x64
cpu: i7 - 4770k
mobo: gigabyte ga-z87x-ud5h rev 1 bios f7
storage: 1 ssd samsung 128 840 pro + 2 hdd (toshiba 500gb and seagate 2tb)
psu: corsair ax860i
ram: corsair vengeance 2x8 gb
water cooling: corsair h80i push and pull
gpu: integrated
The issue i'm having is that none of my hdd's are detected in bios and in windows
first i installed ssd and booted to bios, checked everything working, then i added 2tb seagate hdd - not detected in bios neither in marvel gsata or sata ports. I figured i will install windows bios update and drivers and fix it later. Here comes later and my bios does not see the hdd. I then tried to switch cables, switch psu, added another hdd and it also did not detect it(seagate 2tb). I also tried to detect another hdd with os on it installed (500 gb toshiba) and also nothing shows up in bios in any sata or gsata ports(tried to switch cables from detected ssd - nothing) I eliminated this error to be something to do with the bios and or sata ports. The hdd's are spinning, they are both in working condition. One had os installed the other is a clean 2tb brand new hdd. So now i only have 128 gb of ssd detected and with os. Tried all settings in bios that has to do with AHCI legacy and uefi, nothing works. The AHCI driver seem's to be updated to the needed version. The ssd is working in AHCI mode. (i installed windows so that it is no uefi).
Any advise would be great. I dont have ability to buy another mobo =(
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  1. Right now the both hdd's are dead. They are not spinning.
    How come this is even possible?
    Both of them where wired on the same power cable as SSD but SSD works just fine, the drives are dead.
    I found this out by buying 2 external hdd cases and checking, also by attaching hdd with os and valuable data to an older pc.
    Could it be that the Corsair ax860i fried them? And left SSD alive.
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