New PC randomly shuts down when playing intensive game e.g. PlanetSide 2

So I just bought a new custom built PC about a month ago. And while playing some games such as PlanetSide 2 in less then 5mins my PC shuts down and reboots. It's been happening ever since I got the PC and my solution was once it turns off leave it off for 1min then turn back on. Now though I'm just sick of it when it turns off in the middle of playing games.
Here are my specs

-Intel I5-3470
-8GB ram
-Windows 7 HP 64bit
-Nvidia GTX 650 TI

Any kind of advice would help :) I'm also not a professional when it comes to computers but I know some of the basic stuff.
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  1. What the make and wattage of the CPU and do you have a video card??? If you do the model of the card. gaming pc shut down for two main reasons overheat or bad power or lack of it. You can run msi afterburner watch your gpu temps. Micro cases have heat issue do to small size and lack of fans. A cheat tip is take the side panel off see if the pc still shuts down.
  2. Could you post the power supply you use?
  3. Yes I'll try taking off the side panel and still see if it shuts down. Although I was using CPuid? I think it's called yesterday while playing PlanetSide 2 and while playing it my temps weren't going higher then 51c so I think it's a power issue. So as soon as I get home I'll see what Powersupply I use as I don't fully know.
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