Skyrim Lag On High End System

Hello, I've been having a problem with Skyrim lagging at certain parts. Most of the time it plays just fine, but at certain parts it lags up, such as facing the backside of the companion's house, the tree in whiterun, and by the inn in Windhelm. I've tried turning off all the mods I have, turning AA down, but at 2 or 8 it behaves the same.

I also tried running in windowed and without Vsync and same thing happens. Does anyone know any fix for this? I'm about to try different drivers and see if that fixes anything.

My Specs:
8GB Ram
FX-Series 6300 in Turbo (4.1ghz)
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  1. Did you get the latest Nvidia drivers?
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    I was using the 320.49 driver, and now upgraded to the beta 326. No difference, but what helped is turning the object fade down, although i used to play the whole game with 60fps with everything maxed. not sure why.
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