battlefield 3 multiplay fps cause of cpu

im experiencing fps drop in battlefield 3 multiplayer especially on large conquest maps , i have a dual core e5500 msi gtx 650 ti 4gb of memory ddr2 on my intel dg41rq thermal take 430w i know its because the cpu but whats the best option by software to increase fps a bit few people suggested me setfsp but i dont know exactly how much should i overclock it any other suggestions please

playing on 1600 x 900 resolution medium to high settings ( even if i lower them i dont expercience much of a difference )
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  1. You mean FSB? Or Front Side Bus?

    Yeah they are right then. To overclock your CPU, you have to raise your FSB such that it multiplies with the multiplier to result in your desired clock speeds.

    Like 100 MHz FSB x 40X = 4.0 GHz (4000 MHz)

    And yes, I have to agree with Ninjawithagun. Your CPU is too weak to run Battlefield 3. Your video card is just fine, but it would not let you play on high settings properly.

    An FX 6300+ or i5 Quad Core+ is needed for modern games.
    Preferably FX 8350 or i5 4670K for AMD and Intel respectively.

    Add a total of 8 Gigs of RAM to that as well. Then, changing GPU depends on your budget and financial conditions since that system would take some money due to Z87 / AM3+ motherboards and possibly a better PSU too.
  2. the software name is setfsb
  3. Do not overclock your CPU with softwares. That might permanently damage your CPU.

    Just go to bios and raise FSB manually. It takes as less as 1 minute, just be sure not to raise it too high (Anywhere around 4000 MHz total is fine).
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