i5 3570K Voltage and Temps While OC'ing

Greetings Community,
I think I won the silicon lotto with this 3570k. I'm currently @ 5Ghz with a max vcore of 1.368. I don't think it's quite stable yet. It hit 79c while running P95. Should I increase voltage or stop?


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  1. If it's not stable obviously you need more volts.
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    Nice, yes you should be happy.

    While max Vcore is 1.5V, it is recommended to shoot for 1.35 or lower and a temp of mid 70's for extented gamings sessions, But Most likely you will probably be OK with temps as Prime 95 Normally hits higher temps than games.

    Me I'd go ahead and see if you can hit the magic 5 0 stable, to satisfy IGO, Then Back off to say 4.6.
    The diff between 4.6 and 5.0 is ONLY 9 %. To notice the diff in performance need at least 10->15 % diff, So @ 5.0 compared to 4.6 is more an igo thing as ery doughtfull you will see a performance difference out side of artificial benchmarks.
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