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Hi. I accidentally found this topic. I have the same memory(2x2GB instead of 4) but I have AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition 1090T, 3427 MHz (16 x 214) not Intel i5.
I'd like to now what "DRAM Voltage" value I should set.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Your RAM is the same as the OP in that topic? If so then it sounds like your RAM is spec'd for 1600MHz 9-9-9-27 @ 1.65v, you need to set your DRAM voltage at 1.65v.
  2. Quote:
    Problem the research I've found seems to indicate the RAM is 1.65v and the Rated Frequency is in question. IMO - contact Kingston with that Part Number '9905403-174.A00LF' and have them verify: 1. Rated Frequency and 2. Rated Voltage (1.50v or 1.65v) for DDR3-1600.

    Sandy Bridge can run 1.65v RAM BUT 1.50v RAM is highly recommended for the SB IMC, 1.58v is the 'rated' maximum per Intel. Yes, 1.65v has not proven to damage the SB CPU but I'll never recommend ANY DDR3-1600 @ 1.65v.

    This is why I'm asking about voltage.
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    AMD often requires higher DRAM voltage due to the weak nature of their MCs (memory controllers), while 1.50 is fine for Intel, often need 1.55, even 1.6 for AMD
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