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I was wondering if I got a mini display port to hdmi adaptor/cable, would I get full hdmi audio as well? As at present am using a dvi to hdmi cable to my led tv and no audio, unfortunately my particular model of 7990 only has mini display ports and a dvi socket
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  1. using an ACTIVE mini displayport to HDMI adapter you can get 5.1 192khz pcm audio with some and i believe full 7.1 with more expensive ones but you need to look around.
  2. mauller07

    Thanks for the reply, am going to look on amazon but was wondering whether there were any particular manufacturers you might recommend? As most adaptors seem to be for apples am I still safe to use one if I find the right one that is lol
  3. this one should work perfectly ok

    avoid the apple ones, they are passive, only the dual link dvi and the dp to vga are active adapters.
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  5. you can give it a go, i had read people having problems with some on the us site but you can always send it back if it is no good.

    cant seem to find visiontek hdmi adapters.
  6. that cheaper one on maplins only supports 2 channel audio. i would go with the startek one
  7. There seem to be a few users unhappy with the startech one in regards to using it with a tv which is what I use for the pc, so not too sure what to do now lol any suggestions?
  8. it might depend on how old their tv is as well, if they have older tellys it could be handshaking issues since hdmi is a bit funny with connections at times depending on how people have implemented it.
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