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Need help overclocking! Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4HGZ

Here are my system specs

MotherBoard: GA-G41MT-S2PT
Processor: Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHZ
4 gigs or ram 1600mhz 128000
Power Supply: 650W
Corsair Water cooling
(Below is the link)

So here is my question, With this motherboard, Processor, and Cooling system.
What is the max I would be able to over-clock my processor.... with breaking my pc?

I currently have it over-clocked at 2.78GHZ Stable.
I used Prime 95 for 30 minutes and tested the system under a full load and reached a max temp of 75c (Not sure if that is to hot?) Someone please let me know if this is ok!!

If I go any higher than that it freezes.
Now I am very new to over-clocking and I did it in the (Bios) so I am not even sure if I did that right.
I have seen online that people are getting the same processor to a stable 3.2GHZ!!
But I don't know if its because they have another motherboard. or are using a different program to over-clock.
I have also heard that the amount of ram that is in a system can make a difference in over-clocking.

So here is the other part of my question, would I be better off with a really heatsink and fan combo for this overclocking or is the current "Corsair Watercooling System better?"

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I am gonna go with it is because of your motherboard. Its an ok motherboard - stability will be harder to reach on it.
  2. I would also say that it is time to upgrade your components.
  3. Sooooo that answer helps me how??????
  4. First off, h60 is not that great of a heatsink i would compare it to a Hyper 212 Evo. 2nd it will help you because even if you drop another $90 a better performing heatsink (h80i, Noctua NH-D14) you would get maybe 5 C difference so than you would not waste your money. Your board right now is doing more than enough OC you either get a different board that is more capable at OC or you get a new setup.
  5. is the 75c ok? or is that too hot?
  6. It helps you because its an answer. So hopefully you learned something you didn't know before.

    I was just in another thread with a guy with a G41 board. The problem is these are basic boards. They won't reach OCing records. And if you want help in OCing we need the current settings. What is your FSB? CPU multiplier? Ram settings? Voltages? Just telling us you managed to OC to 2.7GHz with 75C temps (!) doesn't help us help you. If you want help, we need details. but as Sparkz said you are probably just throwing money out a window. That G41 and sink aren't going to get you far. (G0 stepping Q6600s can hit 3.4-3.6GHz on good boards. B6 stepping Q6600s can hit 3.0-3.2)
  7. I dont know what FSB is or CPU Multiplier. I didnt mess with any of that stuff so its at the stock setting I assume.
    Does that help you at all?
  8. Best answer
    I am sorry if the statement I am about to make is rude, but we all start somewhere: Do you know how to overclock? If you don't or need a refresh especially on the q6600 model here is a short guide, it isn't to bad from the gist of it, but to my extent of remembering that chip, it is running too hot right now especially at that hz -
  9. I forgot to mention, you should also dust out your computer, radiator, and maybe repaste the thermal paste of your heatsink <-> cpu - you can improve temps by 2-5 C if you did not properly apply, or apply at all with a aftermarket thermal paste (i recommend artic silver or zalman paste)
  10. your not rude at all man! I know im retarded when it comes to this stuff lol
    thanks for the help! Ill check that link out
  11. your not rude at all man! I know im retarded when it comes to this stuff lol
    thanks for the help! Ill check that link out
  12. no one is retarded, we all start somewhere, gluck and have fun overclocking, and if i were you i would replace the fans on the h60 to something else, and get two to make the h60 into a ideal push-pull configuration, you dont need to get the same 2 fans. will help cool your CPU even more though if you make it into a push pull configuration. Just make sure the air is being moved in 1 direction.
  13. Yea I currently have two fans on the radiator.
    One in the back and one in the front both pulling in a forward direction.
  14. What would you say is to hot for the processor? I cant seem to find a good answer anywhere online.
  15. Stock? Stock Q6600 is 2.4GHz. If you have it running at 2.7, then you've OC'd some. (If not you, then someone.) And honestly if you don't know what a FSB or multiplier is you need to do a LOT of reading before you get started. 75C is to hot, I think the max for those chips were 65C. In general I always try to keep my CPUs below 55C. Anything below 60C would also be fine.
  16. depending on your chipset as described on this website, the b3 models are 62 C G0 at 71C
  17. Well I am using an application to read the temps and its weird because this is what it displays under full load.


    Should I be averaging those numbers to get the highest temp or should be going of core 0? ( Like I have been?)
  18. its still too high i think your Vcore is just too high
  19. Core 0.
  20. Set everything to Default check temps there, and then just read that guide that i linked to you and read other OCing guides.
  21. The starting point for overclocking a g0 stepping Q6600 is 333 fsb on standard volts giving 3 gig per core. Overvolting should increase this to 3.6 gig on air and maybe 3.8 with water cooling. 75 c is rediculously hot, and something is wrong with the cooler setup or the hardware monitor. B3 q6600's will only colck to about 3.1 or .2 over volted and 2.8 at standard volts. Hope that helps.
  22. And below 60 c is not optional .
  23. thanks for the help chris, are you saying with the set up I have I should be getting to 3.0 GHZ? and be able to stay at 60c?
    What is FSB?
  24. Quote:
    if you don't know what a FSB or multiplier is you need to do a LOT of reading before you get started.

    I'm really tempted to close this thread for a few days so you can do some reading and figure out how to OC. It was pretty easy with the C2Ds. PLEASE read up on what OCing is and how it's done.
  25. I have a Q6600 on a Hyper 212+ on my son's rig and it runs really well. You can bump it to 3.0ghz simply by flipping FSB from 266 to 333 without any voltage increase (in most instances). I've had it to 3.6 stable on watercooling, 3.4 as well, but it calls for a lot of vCore to get there. I also ran an EVGA board that allowed me to run the FSB unlinked from the RAM so I didn't always have to crank RAM.

    All this will depend on what exact VID your chip is, your PSU, motherboard and RAM specs.
  26. Im just going to start reading lol
  27. You can Download AI Suite from ASUS as a well-behaving CPU overclocking tool. It required a restart Once (oddly) but it works and stays at the Overclock you set, it also will help save power if you let it.
  28. Ramrodric said:
    Im just going to start reading lol

    eh..drop the RAM strap..
    set fsb to 350
    maybe give a couple notches more fsb,nb, and vcore
    and that's about it for a g41 board..after you get it to 350 see how high the RAM can go and how tight.
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