Best 24" AH-IPS Monitor Mostly for Gaming

I want a AH-Ips because of the improved color accuracy. I want the monitor mostly for gaming and my budget is ~300usd. What's your recommendations? I want someone that have experience in real life with some monitors to recommend me one. Thanks in advance.
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    You will be very lucky to find a good IPS monitor for that money...

    I own 3 of these:

    DELL U2412M

    They are by far the best IPS monitor for that price range.

    You appear to be in luck as well, as NewEgg have recently dropped the price on them to $309, which is bang on your budget:

    For gaming they are just incredible, far less ghosting and image lag than you normally get with IPS panels. Plus you get 1920 x 1200 resolution, which is bigger than the 1920 x 1080 you get with most, and makes a real difference to games.

    I'm not sure what Dell have done to achieve the incredibly smooth motion on these monitors, but whatever it is it works.
  2. ^ This is why I offered you a 23" monitor. There's a ludicrous price leap when you go from 23 to 24 inch monitors.
  3. I think it's more the fact that you tend to get lower-quality panels in 23 inch monitors, and 24 seems to be where they start to make them good quality... Not sure why, but there does seem to be a cutoff there.

    But yeah, here's the 23in version of that Dell:

    DELL U2312HM

    It is $100 cheaper (33% less money) for one inch less screen (9% less area)

    However you don't get the full 1920 x 1200 resolution on the 23 incher, you only get the standard 1920 x 1080.

    I have a 23 at work and I think the extra money is worth it for the 24. It just feels a lot bigger and nicer to use.
  4. First of all i want to thank you all for your replies.

    ASUS MX239H was in my choice list before i started this thread but i wanted an 24inc that's why i came here, to ask some of the pro's. I did a lit bit more research and finally i decided to go either ASUS MX239H or LG 23EA63V-P which are both AH-IPS panels but there are 2 big differences between this monitors. First one is that at my local store (i live in greece) MX239H costs 350$ and 23EA63V-P costs 220$. Second is that MX239H Dynamic Contrast is 80000000:1 and the 23EA63V-P have 10000000:1 . So is it worth the 130 bucks the ASUS monitor for the contrast or will not be any big difference at all?

    Anything else is pretty much the same. Panel Manufacturer for both monitors is LG. Design and look is the same. Minor difference is that the LG have VESA mount a gamma correction feature which i don't exactly know what it is and it is 5-6 months newer than the asus one.

    Comparision Link

    Edit: LG 27EA63V-P which is a 1080p 27inch monitor comes at the same price with the MX239H monitor at my local store.


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