Windows 8 won't boot after installing old HDD's

I've bought a new ASUS stationary computer with Win8 installed on an SSD in AHCI mode. The system boots and works fine.

However, I have my old SATA HDD's (which were used in IDE mode) which I then connected. The Win8 won't boot and goes into "repair" mode and doesn't get past this. It reboots over and over and Windows won't boot with those disks connected to the system.

One of the HDD's have an old Windows partition on it. But on the other hand, the other one don't and the computer won't boot with either of those HDD's connected also without the one with the old OS on it.

How can I use these old HDD's with my new computer? I can't format them completely as they contain important data.
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  1. when you pluged the old hdd did you changed SSD drive to another SATA port on the motherboard?? If you Changed the main OS drive to another SATA port the system may face boot problems.
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    As a last resort you can put the old HDDs in an external enclosure and read them through a USB port however I would check the boot order in your BIOS first.
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