Getting a new graphics card for my pre made computer.

My computer is called HP Pavilion p7-1459 Desktop PC

Specs are

Joshua-H61-uATX (Joshua)

Intel Core i5 3450

8 GB

Video graphics
AMD Radeon HD 7450

Hard drive
2 TB

I want to replace the video card with the EVGA GTX 650

Will it be compatible?
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  1. You will want to get a new PSU and make sure your case has enough room to fit the card. Other than that you should be good to upgrade.
  2. Yes, HP's have horrible PSU's that have lead to many failures, make sure you do that first and you'll be good for any card that will fit, i't suggest at least a 7790 or 650 ti boost if you're gaming and want good performance.
  3. Your motherboard has pci express x16 (gen 2.0) while the card uses Gen 3.0....But, pci express slots are backward,the card will work fine on your motherboard except for some decrease in performance(dun worry,it is not noticable)...Btw,the card requires 400watt power supply while your pc has 300 watt power supply i, you need 2 change the power supply....
  4. Don't worry about the PCIE versions, modern cards haven't even saturated the 2.0 standard yet, so there is zero performance decrease by using a 3.0 card in a 2.0 slot.
  5. What is your total budget - you'll want to upgrade your PSU and graphics card.
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