HP Sleekbook b0xx Won't Boot after Windows 8 Installed

Hi all,
I just installed a 120gb Samsung 840 pro solid state drive into my laptop. After the whole windows is done installing, and the laptop reboots after removing my flash drive that contained the system image, the laptop will not boot up and it says "no boot device found" with the error code 3FO. The solid state drive is not the problem; I already went to the store and exchanged it, and the new one does the same thing. Thanks for any help in advance!
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  1. Is the BIOS set to boot from the SSD?
  2. Yes, i just checked. However, i'm not sure that the ssd is being recognized; after all, the laptop won't boot up until after the whole windows operating system is installed on the laptop. This leads me to believe that I may be lacking a driver to recognize the OS or something
  3. so you have 2 drives installed?

    if so remove the HDD and try the install with just the SSD hooked up.
  4. Nope, Just one hard drive installed. The whole keyboard and top portion of the laptop have to be removed to access the hard drive. I originally put the ssd in by itself for windows installation but when that failed, I put the other hard drive in. any thoughts on what I should do?
  5. you have a flash drive large enough to hold your windows image? How was this image created?

    or is this a flash drive with the windows installation disk on it?

    I have a feeling its because the other HP partitions are now missing from the drive.

    Put the old drive back in and boot up with it. I assume thats how you are posting ...
    Run diskmgmt.msc and let us know which partitions are in which status?
  6. Thanks popatim, I appreciate your advice. Yup, I put the old hard drive in the laptop to tie me over in the mean time till I get this fixed! Under disk management, there is 272gb for healthy Boot, file system ntfs. There is also 25.11Gb for "recovery" partition also in NTFS. Should i Flash my hard drive to the solid state? Do I need the recovery partition?
  7. how much of the 272gb is actually being used?
    how big is your flash drive?
    Do you have a sata to usb cable or transfer kit?
    or do you have access to an external hard drive?
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