7970 vs 7950

which is better between these two?
the Sapphire costs more but its the model below, is it just the make you pay for? so therefore the MSI 7970 the better deal here and overall the better card?
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  1. Both of those are a rip off, you can get a 7950 for less than 200 quid, not sure where you are buying from.
  2. The 7970 is better. But you are comparing it with a Mac edition 7950. The performance is the same, but the BIOS on it is different. Mac cards are overpriced.

    If you are choosing between those two, the 7970 offers the best performance. Or if you want to save some money, the 7950 is still more than enough to play at 1080p and can be overclocked to the 7970's performance.
  3. are you seriously in the middle of the atlantic
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    IF you are interested in a 7950, the Vapor-X has great cooling and can be overclocked fairly well:
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